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Real People in REAL Workplaces
Our content only features humans in actual work environments. No cartoons, animations or powerpoints.
Proprietary Training
We develop our training in-house from decades of industry experience, everything is unique and original.
Training Libraries
Access different course content libraries of over 500 titles related to Human Performance, Safety, Leadership and more!
Subject Matter Experts
Our online training is produced by the leading subject matter experts in each field and is then heavily peer reviewed.
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We create blended and immersive training to solve your exact needs.

Custom and Semi-Custom
Use our training content as a foundation to develop and specialize course content to your organization.
Case Studies
One of our most popular options is to develop case studies based on previous events into short, trainable segments.
Onsite or Remote
We can produce training from provided footage or allow our team onsite to create the highest quality training available.
Subject Matter Experts
All projects receive the assessment and feedback from our subject matter experts related to your industries to provide the highest quality service.

Custom Employee Training Software Suite

Off the Shelf
For immediate implementation, use our off the shelf training platform to onboard and train your employees within one business day.
Fully Branded
Customized the training, software and the entire training experience to fit the exact needs of your organization.
Managed Services
All online training receives daily live chat, email and phone based support to make the entire process frustration free.
Fully Customized
Need legacy data imported? Need custom data tracked, logged and reported? We have you covered with custom software solutions.
High Reliability Training

High Reliability Training is the combination of two industry leading companies: HOPE Consulting LLC and Safety Instruct. We strive to create a new company that provides the most in-depth, industry advanced video based curriculum available today.

HOPE Consulting LLC

HOPE Consulting LLC is an industry leader in human performance. A provider of high reliability operations assessments, Classroom training and executive mentoring that is delivered to your organization.

Safety Instruct

Safety Instruct is an innovator in video-based safety training. A provider of safety-focused video-based and online training, offering an extensive suite of products and services that cater to your specific needs.