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Precision Execution Training

Our Precision Execution model, provides a balanced approach that recognizes failure paths & identifies who must do what, when failure occurs, and creates clarity about what must absolutely go right.

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Precision Execution Training

Our Precision Execution model and methods, provide a balanced approach that recognizes failure paths and identifies who must do what, when failure occurs, and creates clarity about what must absolutely go right to be successful. This course is designed to create a paradigm shift in thinking about risk management, risk perception, hazards, and hazard recognition to achieve your company’s desired safety goals. Your organization will develop an understanding of how to leverage these principles and practices to improve your overall efficiency and quality, while simultaneously reducing the cost of human error when high-risk work is performed.

This course has also been designed to enhance your organization’s work planning, preparation (pre-work discussions such as huddles, tailboards, pre-job briefings, etc.), and work execution activities by helping your work planners and supervisors clearly define what must be accomplished with precision and what is to be avoided during high-risk work activities including how to build in the capacity to “fail safely”.

  • Introduction
  • Module One - Closing the Risk Perception Gap
  • Module Two - The CBS Strategy
  • Module Three - Critical Steps & Risk Management
  • Module Four - Risk Important Actions
  • Module Five - Precision Execution Model 
  • Module Six - Summary & Check for Understanding 
  • Refresher
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Precision Execution Training Objectives

Note: Optional enhanced objectives can be customized to any desired focus area or audience for our training courses.

How To
Facilitate open communication about risks & hazards
And understand your defense-in-depth
Methods to close the gap between risk and risk perception
Precise Execution methods that reduce risk
The differences between risk and risk perception
Risk perception
How to
Value error prevention
Define & apply concepts for Critical Steps & Risk Important Actions

Meet the Author

Ron Farris
Ron Farris
Chief Operations Officer

Professional Experience

2016-Present: HOPE Consulting LLC, Business Partner / Chief Operations Officer

2020-Present: High Reliability Training LLC, Business Partner / Chief Operations Officer

Ron is an author and experienced practitioner in Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) and High Reliability Organization (HRO) that provides support for a variety of high-risk industries that includes: analysis of operational data to help front-line workers, line managers, and leaders of high-risk operations protect their assets using proven risk management methods, and error-prevention and mitigation strategies. Ron also develops and delivers:

  • Co-authored Critical Steps: Managing What Must Go Right in High-Risk Operations
  • Customized HOP and HRO workshops, webinars, and classroom training
  • Video-based HOP and HRO training
  • Observation and feedback training and mentoring
  • Leadership development, training and mentoring
  • Asset protection and risk management strategies
  • Accident / Incident investigation training and mentoring
  • Keynote speeches

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Real Workers in Real Situations Creates a Human Connection
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