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Trigger Training©

Trigger Training© is designed to aid all employees in identifying when they are in a state of uncertainty, and it's time to STOP and seek assistance.

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Trigger Training©

"Trigger Training was the best behavioral training I have been exposed to in the nuclear industry. It was practical and informative while providing achievable measures to improve organizational performance. This is exactly the content that we need to help achieve zero-event operations and continue to strengthen our safety culture for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your effort to put this together and make it available to our staff."

Shawn Lowe
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Trigger Training©

Many undesirable events occur as a result of people proceeding in the face of uncertainty. At High Reliability Training (HRT), we have discovered, through analysis of multiple events, that there were visual cues that existed 90% of the time, prior to the event that could have informed the workers that something was not correct, and that holes existed in current organizational defenses. However, in most cases, this information was not acted upon and resulted in an undesirable event. Even though this is a disappointing fact, we still believe that front-line workers are the solution as they touch the system daily and can identify the Triggers that are present that are telling you something is wrong with your defenses, that is, if they are trained properly on how to respond when faced with Triggers.

  • Introduction
  • Module One - Triggers Defined & Described
  • Module Two - Organizational Weaknesses
  • Module Three - Questioning Attitude
  • Module Four - Stop When Uncertain
  • Module Five - Summary & Check for Understanding 
  • Refresher
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Trigger Training© Objectives

Note: Optional enhanced objectives can be customized to any desired focus area or audience for our training courses.

The importance of recognizing "Triggers" and other error precursors.
The relationships of "Organizational Weaknesses", "Triggers", and "Error Precursors."
"Triggers" and other organizational weaknesses (Latent or not), when given a case study.
A proper Stop and validation methodologies when faced with a visible “Trigger” based on risk training.
Where "Triggers" reside on the model when using the Swiss Cheese Model (©James Reason 1997).
The importance of verbalizing a Questioning Attitude and the accuracy of your Questioning Attitude based in intuition.
The relationships of error rates and where triggers reside in Performance Modes (©GEMS Model 1979, 1982, 1987).
The relationship between Questioning Attitude and Stop If Unsure.

Meet the Author

Rey Gonzalez
Rey Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer

Rey Gonzalez is the founder and president of HOPE Consulting LLC and CEO of High Reliability Training, Inc. A power plant professional with more than four decades of diversified technical, organizational, and analytical problem-solving experience, Rey has spent most of his professional life working to improve safety, quality, and profitability through the enhancement of human performance. He offers a keen focus on improving leadership coaching, helping management and workers understand their roles in the use of human performance tools, as well as helping supervisors and managers understand the importance of organizational defenses and their role and responsibilities for shaping the behaviors desired in the organization for high reliability operations. He has been fully engaged in the study of human behavior and organizational effectiveness, specifically focusing on the impact that processes, programs, and management engagement have upon individual worker performance.

Rey created Coaching to Enhance Performance© a behavior-shaping collaborative approach to feedback after observation of work activities, and Trigger Training©, a first-of-its-kind training in human error reduction enhancing worker’s Stop Work Authority. He also offers executive-level mentoring to enhance leader behaviors around coaching that creates the desired culture within an organization.

Rey’s favorite presentations are:

  • Why Stop Work Authority is Not Enough
  • Coaching is an Engaging and Collaborative Session
  • Safety Leadership

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