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Learn how we can complete in-person or remote assessments to understand the gaps your company is facing and pair it with management applicability evaluations of training solutions that we offer.
We provide the most effective video-based training through proprietary human performance topics that provide solutions through immediate behavior changes.
Data Management
Our proprietary employee training platform provides unique and innovate data capture to help us identify critical gaps and issues as your employees complete their training.
Our model is never one and done, through our extensive experience, we put together a customized program centered on building the culture and creating the impact your organization desires through blended training, mentoring, and organizational reliability.
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High Reliability Training was formed because of lack of quality online and video-based curriculum in the areas of Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) and High Reliability Operations (HRO).

We can help your company by providing:
Custom curriculum and video production services to directly address your challenges
Off-the-shelf online video based training focused on human performance initiatives
Annual and remedial review of training initiatives to assess comprehension, retention, and implementation
Initial and ongoing consultation services to understand the critical issues you are facing
New Human Performance and Safety based training courses added regularly
Precision Execution Training
High Reliability Training

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We develop sustainable solutions to positively change your organization's culture.
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Video-Based Training Key Benefits

On demand training flexibility for employees to train at intervals.
REAL workers in REAL situations creating a human connection
Easily train remotely (24/7) using ANY smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer
Higher retention and comprehension than other online training courses
Consistent delivery of context VS. different delivery from different trainers
Automated standalone and refresher training for ongoing training