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Human Performance Fundamentals

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Human Performance Fundamentals

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  • Introduction to Human Error
  • Pathways to Harm (from HERA)
  • Swiss Cheese Model - A Look at Defense in Depth
  • GEMS Model: Skill, Rule, & Knowledge Based
  • Building a Capacity to Fail-Safe
  • System Weaknesses - Known and Unknown
  • Organizational Drift and Accumulation
  • Positive Control and Expert Intuition
  • Fast and Slow Thinking
  • Augmenting Adaptive Capacity
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Human Performance Fundamentals Objectives

Note: Optional enhanced objectives can be customized to any desired focus area or audience for our training courses.

The importance of recognizing "triggers" and other error precursors.
The relationships of "Organizational Weaknesses", "Triggers", and "Error Precursors."
"Triggers" and other organizational weaknesses (Latent or not), when given a case study.
A proper Stop and validation methodologies when faced with a visible “trigger” based on risk training.
Where "Triggers" reside on the model when using the Swiss Cheese Model (©James Reason 1997).
The importance of verbalizing a Questioning Attitude and the accuracy of your Questioning Attitude based in intuition.
The relationships of error rates and where triggers reside in Performance Modes (©GEMS Model 1979, 1982, 1987).
The relationship between Questioning Attitude and Stop If Unsure.


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